Tuesday, June 30, 2009

God makes all things new...

Wow; another long but wonderful day! As I was decompressing on my short jaunt home from Station 11 this evening, I was trying to gain greater perspective on today's events and was reminded that God makes all things new. That includes things you think you have figured and planned out but His plan is sovereign. Without going into too much detail and sharing too much information since no formal offer is in writing, possibly wonderful things for our family are happening with my job. Steven and I had thought we had a good thing worked out for when I return to work in December but it appears great things may just fall into our laps too. This was a blessing as today was Steven's last shift as a FF and at Station 11 with a wonderful crew that I know we will both miss dearly. All of us wifes took desserts to the station tonight and enjoyed fellowship together. What a blessing Lt. Darcy and AO Ryan have been along with Karen and Gail! As we prep for the change that Steven being an officer means as well as the culture shock of Rescue 3 (sleepless nights, different nature of "emergencies", etc.), its very nice to have the reassurance that God's wise plan is guiding our path.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wonderful day full of blessings!!!!

Our day started with Steven's promotion at CCFD1 to Lieutenant. It was a very nice ceremony in which Chief Ed Kirchhofer swore him in, I was able to pin his badge and a nice reception followed. Many of Steven's friends, mentors and colleagues made the event which was also celebrating our friend Brandon Paxton's promotion to Apparatus Operator. We enjoyed a very nice lunch at Weatherford's Grand Lodge in OC (a favorite restauarant) with Annie, Steve, Stephannie, Darcy and Karen (Steven's current lieutenant and his wife who are wonderful friends of ours). Then we had our follow-up ultrasound which of course is always exciting! There were a couple of reasons for the follow-up including baby size! Based on Baby's measurements, we are not 28 1/2 weeks... but 30 weeks! So, we'll have to wait until our next appointment in a week and a half to find out if our midwives are going to confirm that we may have an earlier due date (Sept 7th) or Baby's just a healthy grower (Sept 18th). We'll keep you posted! NO, WE DID NOT FIND OUT IF IT'S A BOY OR GIRL! But here's a shot of our little thumb sucker. 7/1/09: Just received the call from our midwives, they're leaving the due date 9/18. Just a healthy grower and they'll keep an eye on the baby's size.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pure bliss

A few weeks ago, the baby started to really stretch and move up and now it's just plain ol' lovin' the rib cage! Of course the bigger the baby gets, the bigger the belly gets and the more intense the rib pain. Days which are spent primarily at my desk or driving for work are the worst. I read anything I could get my hands on regarding relieving those aches and so have been doing prenatal yoga, walking more, enjoying warm baths, etc. Our birthing coach had a fabulous idea: ice packs! Yes, I'm a cruel cruel woman who actually lays ice packs on the top of my tummy since Baby dislikes the cold and moves down. But hands down the best remedy: water aerobics. I get to class, strap on my buoyancy belt and just kinda hang out in the deep water. As I'm getting a great workout in, Baby sleeps (or at least stops movin' and kickin') and settles lower and for 60 glorious minutes I get pure painless rib bliss.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Assignment

A continuation from my last post.....There is NO confirmation on the baby's gender. Aub and I go back and forth with which gender we think it is....fun games, one of the many fun things about not finding out....

I received word yesterday that I will be moving to Station 3 on "A" Shift (holiday shift). I will be assigned to Rescue 3 and Engine 3 with a shift of 5 people. The Officers and Firefighters switch each month between R3/E3. I will have lots of opportunities to run calls (mostly medical on R3) and gain valuable experience. On any fires in our "first due area" the Officer on R3 is usually the Incident Commander until relieve by the Battalion Chief. This will help develop my skills as an incident commander. Although the promotion came a year earlier than expected, we are excited, and I am ready for the challenge.

Thanks again for the love and support.


Monday, June 8, 2009

When life come at you fast......

You adjust and thank the Lord for the blessings in life. With that, here is what's going on. Owen is going ever so quickly and making his presence known more and more each day. He is kicking hard enough that we can see the belly move. Here we are with only 3 months left and seems like just yesterday we were finding out that we are prego.

It's amazing how plans work, which reminds of a line in a song that goes like this: "If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans..." Well, since he knows our thoughts, I can hear him laughing right now. Our plan was that I would stay at my current station assignment until next March or July, Owen would be sleeping through the night and things would be calm at home just in time for a promotion. As it turns out, I got the call for a second interview with our Chiefs a week ago and today was the day. So, here we are 9 months ahead of our schedule and HR calls to inform me that I WILL BE PROMOTED to LIEUTENANT with my swearing in on June 29th!

Thank you to all that have supported and encouraged me through these years. Special thanks to Aubrey for putting up with the long days/nights, extra projects, countless hours of "thinking", and stressful months prepping for the tests and interviews. I can be normal again. Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me about how to be compasionate towards people and to help them to achieve their goals. Thanks Mom and Dad Gold for time on the lakes, fishing is the only place where I can completely relax and clear my mind...


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We just returned from 8 wonderful days in Minnesota. A couple days were spent up at the trailer with Mom & Dad Gold on Lake of the Woods (note Aubrey's 25" walleye). It's always wonderful to get up to the lake whether the weather's ideal or not. Steven's fishing skills have obviously improved as he was slayin' the crappies with Dad! We got lots of time in with family and friends including several days with nieces Michaela and Danielle which was priceless. The trip was timed so we could participate in Nick's graduation festivities and Kali's bridal shower too. Family threw us a "bonfire baby shower" a couple days before we left. It was a super evening of lots of friends, family and 20+ foot flames that kept the guys occupied! One of the truly priceless gifts we received was an embroidered prayer from Aunt Steph. Malcolm and Aubrey had the prayer in their room as small children and she managed to find the exact pattern and make a new one for Baby Sak. So, Michaela and Danielle will have the original for their room(s) and Baby Sak (and future siblings) will have one for theirs! Steven got in a couple of days of fishing in as well and caught quite an array of species: sunnies, perch, crabbies, walleye, redhorse, tulapie and saugers too!