Saturday, January 21, 2012

Romp to Stomp 2012

Despite a few feet of new snow on both Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor, my friend Alicia and I braved the mountain passes to participate in Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series Oregon.  Alicia and I headed over Friday night and enjoyed a quiet night at Sunriver Resort before driving up Bachelor this morning. The strong wind added to the new snow and created some awesome white out conditions on the roads but once we got on the snowshoe trail and dropped into the trees, it was absolutely gorgeous. And although I drove on the way over to central Oregon and up and down Bachelor, Alicia took the helm and drove her own 4WD vehicle back over Mt. Hood. For someone who isn't confident in snowy conditions, she did great and I was excited to be able to support her in that adventure.

Thank you to everybody who supported this awesome event! I raised $475 dollar this year! The plan is to have an entire team participate next year! Can't wait!

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Already!!

Where has the last month gone?!?! It's not just 2012, but we're full swing into 2012. We spent a wonderful Christmas both at home and in Eugene this year. Abi's preschool class at Mt. View Community Church sang with the children's choir.  It was our first Christmas of me helping the children's program and Steven running the video and snapping photos while Zach sat in his car seat near by. One of those milestones both for us as parents and for Abi as well! And while I half expected her to freeze on stage in front of the congregation, she sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus beautifully with the other adorable 2-5 year old kids in her class. Christmas in Eugene was particularly wonderful since Annie's sister Evi was able to join us from New York City. Of course we're all back into the swing of everyday life. I'm working 24 hr/wk which consists of a half day Monday and then seven hour days Tues-Thurs. Steven is on his normal 24 on/ 48 off and of course taking overtime as family commitments allow. Abi and Zach spend Mondays with our good friend Nick when Steven isn't home and head to Bright Minds Christian Day School Tues-Thur. We're so very blessed with a great day school that the kids are doing so well at! We're slowly approaching potty training with Abigail. Our daughter has a decisive assurance of herself so we decided not to go to battle until necessary.  We are definitely making advances though and so hopefully we're diaper free with Abi well before her 3rd birthday. Zach is gaining weight at a very steady rate. What a mellow happy little man he is! He's tippin' the scale at 16 lb, grabbing things within reach, standing on his legs, rolling from tummy to back and very much likes his rice cereal in the evening. And the best part...He's decided it's ok for him NOT to eat at 2:30am now! (Thank heavens!) Apart from runny noses, the kids have remained healthy this winter although I was knocked on my butt by a very nasty virus.  It was the first time in our marriage Steven has had to stay home on account of taking care of the kids/household/myself.  Thankfully that is behind us and we're looking forward to all that God has in store for the new year!