Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Updates

I'm not sure that I should write "summer" as we've had a very very cool and mild June and July! At this rate, I'm not so sure the tomato blossoms will even set on and bear fruit! But, at a very plump 32 wks pregnant, I'm also not complaining. We've enjoyed the mild weather with many evening walks down the county trail to see the horses that are pastured nearby. Abi is mildly obsessed with horses since we took her to the rodeo on July 4th. She tells us frequently, "Abi ride horse". She moved into her big girl room this past week. It's decorated pink and pistachio with a pig/shabby chic farm theme. She's playing non-stop with "babies" lately. Whether it's her stuffed puppies, her two glow bugs or a really odd looking baby doll she's named Darcy, she very often has a "baby" in arms or is rocking it in the baby cradle in her room or sporting it around the house in one of my small storage baskets. She has a few babies, but she's taken a liking to the odd looking one. And kitchen towels are a commodity; they're apparently the perfect size for her baby's blankets. There is a new baby at her school who we're told she helps with very well and on occasion she'll greet my tummy with a "Hi Baby" and pretend to share her snacks with it. We're also hoping we've made it past the worst of the hitting phase she was in. With the aid of her teachers at school, Abi now knows to tell people "No. Stop" when they're in her personal space rather then decking them. She's quite independent and does NOT like other children in her space or when she is told no. Our household has really benefited from Love & Logic: Early Childhood years and Abi knows she's timeout bound when she hears, "Uh-oh. What a bummer."
Work for Steven seems to be going smoothly. CCFD1 and Boring Fire District have merged their volunteer programs and this has now included their Explorer programs. Steve was notified this past week that he's been appointed Advisor for the joint program. It wasn't a shock by any means though I'm praying the merge goes smoothly for everybody. Steve and colleagues have built a rather robust program at CCFD1 which even allows students who enter one of the local college fire programs to receive credits. I'll be praying that God's hand guides everybody as they take a smaller district's program and merge it with the expectations of our district's program expectations, outcomes and training level that Steve and colleagues have worked so hard to achieve.
Work for me is mellow as final touches are put on polishing off the Return to Work program. Final drafts are being made with the procedure manual and I'm more at ease knowing that if my maternity leave had to start tomorrow, the program wouldn't flop on its face. It's continued to be very successful for my clients and the pool so the next big task will be to pull the data into reports that illustrate that. Rumors are flying that due to streamlining and client caseloads, I'll be able to cut to 24 hrs/wk when I return from maternity leave so I'm thrilled at that prospect!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Spoiling a Child

I found this poem online today. It made me teary remembering riding in the cab of Grandp's tractor, washing windows (and thinking it was such a treat!) with Grandma and playing Barbies for endless hours with Gramma.   Enjoy!

Please Spoil Me

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
Please feel free to spoil me. Spoil me rotten. But remember that my perspective as a small child is different than yours.  I do not remember what you bought me last week and whether it was a toy, clothes, candy or a book. My memory does not recall if it cost $100 or if you made me a drawing with my own crayons. I play with the same gusto in hand me down jeans and a t-shirt as I do in a brand new party outfit that I have nowhere to wear. Please feel free to spoil me. I cannot be spoiled rotten with too much love. Spend time walking with me, watching the bugs with me, reading with me and coloring with me. Sing my favorite songs with me and share my favorite foods with me. Let the sand trickle into your shoes as we dig holes in the sandbox. Play with me at my height so that I might throw my arms around you and shower you with loves. Make silly faces and noises with me that make me bubble up with laughter. Help me to learn that life’s riches are not in possessions but in the joy and laughter we share. Fill my heart with love and my mind with memories so that when you are no longer here, I can tell my children about the grandparent who spoiled me.
Your Spoiled Grandchild