Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family recipe

Grandma Schmidt made great German potato salad. And Grandma Betty's been able to write down the recipe...

Inspired by my parents' dinner group, we've gotten a small group of friends together and we'll be having our second evening of food and themed drinks. Our first night in February was cheese and wine. Tomorrow night, we'll have sausages and beer (German). In keeping with that theme, Grandma Betty sent me Grandma Schmidt's recipe. Not sure if I copied it wrong or how I ended up so off, but I had to triple the liquids. Oh well... With a few adjustments it tastes good! Thanks Gram! The real test will be tomorrow night when everybody gets to try it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun stuff!

We've had a calendar full of fun stuff! We got to spend an entire week at Eagle Crest visiting with friends. It was a great week of hot tub time, fellowship, and some over due time with some of our best friends. Since coming home, its back to the grind. We enjoyed an evening of fellowship with our new worship pastor Matt and his wife Krista. And yesterday, we were also able to get the backpack carrier for Abi. Talk about a realization of what it would be like to gain 24 lb and go for a walk!! The basic 2.5 mi walk turned into a much longer walk... but Abi seemed to enjoy it and it was a great workout. With Steven home yesterday, we had the time to shoot some updates of Abi. And... with Steven on duty today, I met up with his captain's wife and their kids and headed to the Tulip Festival.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Rare (chunky) Form

My sister-in-law is a wonderful photographer so we were laughing about my "Easter dress" photo shoot with Abi. Her Easter picture was 1 of only 2 good shots after trying to take pictures while Daddy was on shift. For your entertainment, here are a couple of the "other".

We had Abi's 6 month well baby checkup today. The little diva weighed in at 17 lb 14 oz. Height and weight wise she is in the 75-80% for her age. And man was she in rare form! She was babbling, talking, and playing with Dr. G the entire time; pulling on this; grabbing for that; up, down, all over the place. She did cry when she got her 4 shots, but as soon as she was picked up, she was over it.

Steven and I are doing well of course! He's back on the rescue this month so likely will be getting worse sleep on duty than nights at home. Work isn't slowing down for me but the program is making good progress. We're looking forward to a week as a family starting next Monday as Steven and Abi will be able to travel with me while I work in central Oregon. Steven and I enjoyed an awesome night in downtown Portland w/our friends Kerri and Scott when we attended the Michael Buble concert last Friday. Great entertainer!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

May you experience our risen Lord in a very real and moving way this Easter season!