Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 - Ready or Not

As I sit down to update our blog, I have to ask myself why I continue to write. And I realize it's therapeutic for me. It's as if I've sat down at Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen table to chat with them. I want Abi & Zach's life documented so when they ask, "What was I like when I was X years old?", if I'm not here, they know.
Since the last blog post in September, we had a few significant changes in life. We enjoyed 2 1/2 wonderful weeks in Minnesota and North Dakota in September / October. Steven and I hunted with Dad, Malcolm, Matt, Dane, and Chandler. The boys got another hunt in on the way to Nick & Jenn's wedding in North Dakota also. Zach and Abi got to play play play with their cousins, have Grandma and Grandpa Swecker babysit them and even Aunt Christine got to watch them an afternoon while I got time to hunt. Nick & Jenn's wedding was beautiful and off course, it was great to have so much family together.

Life changed drastically just a few days before Halloween when we received the call that Grandpa Swecker had passed away very peacefully in his sleep. As I pause a moment to collect my thoughts... I am filled with memories of joy, laughter and sheer love when thinking of Gramps. Of the essay about him being like Santa that I wrote in 5th grade and received a prize for, of the way he'd let me sit on the ledge of the tractor cab when I was little instead of trying to buck hay, how he's always tell you to "Practice up!' when you got done play cards, how he always had a smile for you and asked how you were and truly meant it. What an amazing example of loving people. While I'm not sad to know Grandpa is with our heavenly Father, I miss him. I miss knowing he'll be home with a big bear hug next time I arrive in Minnesota. But I'm so grateful for so many wonderful memories. And that Abi may remember him. Of course it was fun to have 17 of 19 grandkids home at the farm for Grandpa's funeral as well. And all 7 of his kids.

The week before Thanksgiving, I had a hysterectomy for what was believed to be endometriosis. In a nutshell, we found out it wasn't but some health issues have been resolved by surgery. On the bright side, surgery went very well and recovery much easier than anticipated. Mom came out to help with the kids and running the house. We were spoiled with her help and cooking. Steven was a great nurse as well.

This was our very first Christmas that we got to stay home the entire holiday! Abi and her preschool sang at church and then we went to the fire station with Annie to have dinner with Steven and his crew. The rest of the Sakaguchi family made it up then.  Everybody headed over to our house Christmas morning for breakfast, presents, playing with new toys, a camp fire and then a hike around the golf course trail. It was a beautiful day and fairly warm considering the very cold snap we'd had leading up to Christmas. Abi would probably tell you her favorite gifts were a unicorn glow pet and a robot cat.  Zach hasn't stopped playing with his dumptruck flash light and a T ball set for the backyard.