Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Projects, visits, spring...Pooped!

Oh my what a wonderfully full spring we've had! In March, we had a visit from Grandpa Mike. Grannie & Papa visited each weekend. Then we got into April and Mom arrived for two weeks. Mom departed Saturday and we pick up Malcolm on Friday (a very rare wonderful treat!). With all the entertaining supervising by Gramma, we managed to get two apple trees (Fuji and Golden Delicious) planted in the back of the lot. The berry boat finally was filled and planted with nine strawberry plants (Quinault and Rainier).  Two yards of river rock have been spread around the lilac adjacent to the new deck and we're hoping to have the new gravel patio/rock wall done by mid-May.  With the weather getting nicer each week, I find we're back to spending more time outside than inside. What a blessing! God's great earth is so inspiring and relaxing! The tulips, daffodils and crocus are done blooming and the primroses and bleeding heart are in full swing. Today I saw more blossoms on the iris, honeysuckle and clematis burgeoning with growth.

The kids are growing too! I can't believe it but Zach and Abi can wear the same shoes.  There are a few size 5 1/2 shoes of Zach's that Abi likes and fits her feet into. Zach is putting together two and three words sentences. He really believes you should understand the majority of his talking. So, if he asks something and you correctly repeat it to him, he says, "K!" and off he goes to do whatever it was he asked!  Abi's class at day school is wrapping up the alphabet. This week we're learning about the letter V.   As a result of her great teachers, Abi often will point out letters and numbers she sees throughout her day.  So fun!