Sunday, December 16, 2012

Where Did It Go?

Where oh where did the last two months of 2012 go? Seems like when looking back, it must have been great right? Hmm, what was going on?

We took a wonderful trip to Eagle Crest with our friends Dusty and Kayla partially as a work trip. I again spoke at the Oregon Fire Chiefs Assoc. conference and everybody went with. We found a great condo to rent that already had a crib, bunk beds, and a play area. PERFECT!!!! We enjoyed the time immensely. Abi rode a full size horse (Fiona) and the four day trip was capped off with the perfect first 3" snow of the season.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving / early Christmas in Eugene. Steven and I got to join Annie and Steve for the Festival of Trees Gala this year which was a blast. It was a great event supporting the future hospice house in the community.  Since we will be having a Minnesota Christmas, it was a wonderful time to be together as a family and enjoy each others company since we'll be thousands of miles apart in December. The only things missing: Auntie Evi, Uncle Bruce and Auntie Diane.
And now, it seems we've raced into the Christmas season. This last week, we've said no to nearly all social commitments. We've had a few evenings looking at lights, making cookies and now two days before we leave for Minnesota, the kids are actually packed already!