Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our kids in a snapshot...

There's much to update on but it seems so little time. Alas, our children have big beautiful personalities so in 2 minutes, I can update on those at least! I will soon get photos loaded of our wonderful adventures too.

Abi: When Steven and I returned home from duck hunting, she was very adament about seeing the ducks. I explained that after we shot the ducks, we prepared them to be eaten because we eat what we kill. She was still adament, so we let her look into the cooler of cleaned duck breasts. The next day while walking past a neighbor's yard where they have chickens, ducks and geese, Abi asked if she could shoot their ducks to eat. Thankfully they weren't outside. Within a day or two we were loading the kids in town in a parking lot and a low flock of geese flew overhead. Steven made shooting noises and Abi said, "Dad, you can't shoot them. You don't have your gun." Yes, my country girl being raised in the city.

Zach: This morning while prepping the family to head out of the door, he wanted in the garage and so in an effort to let us get going, I let him out to just play. When we peaked our heads out to check on him... He was laying on the cement floor licking up the rain water that had ran off our car. That is our "all boy" son in a nutshell!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bubble Fun..

You can essentially catch the drift of this fun!! Abi did great blowing bubbles and Zach loved popping them. She then thought she'd share which resulted in him flinging bubble solution all over her and all over the deck. And the photos even captured his response when I eventually told Abi it could be her turn to blow bubbles again.