Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Too busy to complete anything well.

This spring, we looked forward to summer with great anticipation. Getting more stuff done on the yard, having a bigger garden, working on expanding the deck, re-roofing the house...Man we had high hopes. Then the reality of summer set in. Barbeques, weddings, trying to squeeze in a hike here or there, Bible study, work conferences, and the routine trying to visit family, friends... And the garden flopped with an intense batch of mint compost burning the roots. The roof has been postponed until late summer/fall ... maybe even next spring?! 

Today I left work an hour late after prepping for a conference presentation (and leaving another presentation due Thursday unwritten), leaving a message for a client on the phone as I walked out the door only to realize there was an accident/incident on every route to the kids and Zach had started running a temp at 3:45pm but I didn't realize it until nearly 5pm when I finally got back to my desk...*sigh...*deep breath

I phoned Steven as I settled into my slow trek to the kids through the heart of Lake Oswego, he said, "Murphy's law... How are you doing?" And in that moment of slowing down, knowing God had given me the love of my life to share this journey with... I realized I was fine. This is life and I'm not alone. And it is glorious in its busyness. Work doesn't always seem glamorous, kids run fevers when Dad's on shift and on the only day you work late that month. And time marches on. But life moves forward and in the midst of all that...God's glorious work is done. A dear friend was induced this afternoon and we continue praying God's safe delivery upon their son. Another dear friend reached out in need of prayer and I am honor to intercede on her behalf to a God who loves her beyond measure. In the moment that I surrender my exhaustion to God asking if I'll ever be able to do anything really well and focused again... He reminds me it is His work that is all that needs to be accomplished and done. His word is a lamp unto my feet and a light onto my path (Psalm 119) always guiding us forward.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th tradition

Since we were engaged, we've gone to the Molalla Buckaroo each year to celebrate Independence Day.  Last night we took an ill Abi who enjoyed every minute of the horses!  She sure loves horses. We enjoyed the company of our friends Nick & Alicia and Dusty & Kayla. One of the highlights was the sound system's  failure which resulted in the entire grandstand singing our national anthem. Absolutely gave goosebumps! The system was brought back on line after the saddle bronc riders finished up.