Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Its passing in a flash...

Where does the time fly? The kids are growing up so fast. We've started potty training with Abi. She very much gets the concept and is doing well. This morning started with Abi running out of her room to tell Zach about how she pee'd in her Buzz Lightyear panties Monday but not her Woody panties. Yes, Abi tends to prefer Cars, Toystory characters and such over any princess stuff. We have a couple movies with princess' but she hasn't seemed to really take to them. So, she wears little boy undies! Abi is doing great at her day school and absolutely loves it.
Zach has been rolling onto his tummy frequently though he doesn't seem to remember that he had in the past rolled back onto his tummy. He does great with neck strength and will spend quite a bit of time on his tummy checking things out. We've been trying some cereal, but he doesn't seem to be too big of a fan. Zach continues to be one of the most mellow and relaxed babies we have ever met! He's just one happy dude and laughs and smiles at just about anybody that will pay him attention. And if you're really lucky, he'll give you a big ol' slobbery kiss too!