Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

We are so ready for this baby now it's not funny! Steven has most all of his shifts off this month (with only one day of vacation requested), the nursery is set-up for the baby and clothes are washed and this week the freezer was stocked with meatballs, alfredo chicken hot dish, squash patties, red wine sauce (probably going on the meatballs), tons of bacon and sausage and even some pork ragu. Thanks to Mom for getting off her flight and working, cooking and cleaning for 4 days before heading back to Minnesota. :) Abi seems to be adamantly opposed to a baby sister yet so we just don't ask her what her opinion is... Would rather she forget that we asked her as if it was an option should we have little girl join our family some time in the next two weeks! I'm still working since every day off now is one day less after the baby is born and one day less of pay at that point as well!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

36 Wks

Doesn't look too much different but doesn't feel remotely the same!

Pregnant with Abi
Pregnant with BSII

Monday, August 15, 2011

Little stinker

Steve and I have implemented "Love and Logic" parenting in our house which has been both a relief for us as it gives us a tool and consistent pattern to discipline with but also thus far, fairly effective results. While several days may go by without any punishments, others do not go so smoothly and so Abi has learned that "Uh oh, what a bummer" is a clear indicator she's headed for a timeout or other punishment. A fun part of this discipline strategy though is providing lots of options which has been quite engaging and helps direct Abi wonderfully while she believes she in total control.

In the bathtub last night, she was advised that it was time to get out and she needed to help pick up her tub toys. This seemed to fall on deaf ears so I explained to her that if she chose not to help pick up toys, she would not get to read three books like she prefers (two apparently isn't enough).  Steve and I had a little chat about whether that would be effective as L&L indicates that removing rewards or treats isn't very effective or comprehended until about age 3.

As I gave the "Uh oh bummer" indicator about not getting three books and why again to what I thought were deaf ears, Abi started to pick up the toys while singing the "Clean Up" song and then said, "Two books?" ...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Water baby

With the warm weather and a fun "new" (saved from last year) pool to play in, our water baby has returned! With promises of 80 degrees all week, the pool shall stay filled! (And likely killing the grass below it; oh well).
Abi is getting quite brave in the pool. She attempts to float on her tummy holding herself up with her hands, puts her legs up on the edge of the pool and holds herself up with her hands and today even was jumping off the benches sans Mommy's assistance!
The pool is next to the north flower bed in the back yard and a mere 4-5 feet from our large Lucifer plant.  There's a hummingbird family living in the yard and they do not hesitate to sit on the plant and watch Abi play, chirp at us while they guard "their" nectar and on occasional take the dive bomb / near miss towards us as they play and defend their blossoms from each other.