Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Minnesota Visit

 Just under two weeks ago, Abi and I hopped on a plane and headed to Minnesota. We were able to help celebrate Chandler's graduation and Abi got lots of playtime in with her cousins Michaela and Danielle. It was quite possibly the most exhausting trip home being 6 months pregnant, having an active tot and no Steven. Our 8 day trip was the longest that we've been apart since our engagement! It sure made me grateful for what a wonderful involved father he is and what a friend and companion he is to me.
Michaela (4), Abi (1 1/2), Danielle (2 1/2)
While in Minnesota, Abi and I enjoyed visits with all of my grandparents, most of the aunts and uncles, tons of cousins and friends from both high school and grad school. Abi loved walking through the mud puddles with Michaela and Danielle and David's bunny that he brought for her to pet. Dad and I were able to head out fishing for a short afternoon and each caught a nice walleye and then Mom and Abi met us for a campfire dinner. Abi had her first campfire, marshmallow and chance to sit in a boat actually on the water. Traveling alone also made me realize how much I take for granted that we just arrive "home" and there are car seats, toys, tot beds, cups, etc. and everything for us to use. Have clothes will travel could be our slogan for Minnesota! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Loving on Daddy

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tuckered out

I'm not sure if Abi is taking her que from her parents this week or not. Our friend Alicia has been watching Abi on those sporadic Mon/Wed that we don't have daycare quite yet and Steve is on duty and although today is a Friday, I spoke at a conference so Abi and Alicia had a playday.  Late this morning, Abi asked Alicia for her binky and went and climbed into bed. out And this evening after an early bath, some cuddling over an Elmo show and some warm milk, Abi asked for her binky and climbed into bed. Although it was still quite light out and well before her bed time...out.  It's been clear she's hit a growing spurt as many of her shirts to too short and she eats very very well. But I can confidently say: everybody in our household is tired! Steven has had an exhausting week of overtime and trades which has resulted in 24 off / 48 on / 24 off (w/a meeting and drill in there) / 48 on / 24 off / 24 on between this past Monday and this coming Monday. I had a rare week chalk full of meetings and a conference presentation. And as we look over the past month of weekends, they've all been full of visits and trips... needless to saw next weekend will be spent with just the three of us quite possibly doing nothing at all but simply being together! :) It sure makes you appreciate the time you have to snuggle, cuddle, watch the smiles on each others faces and laugh together.