Monday, February 28, 2011

Abi's Best Friend

Abi loves our 105 lb chocolate lab Buster to no end. She's been mean to him this past week (teething pain can cause bad behavior) so has gotten a couple of time outs, given herself a time out (wish I caught that on camera!) and even lost her priviledge of playing with him for an entire day as well.  But, you know she loves him immensely as she often will pull a book of the shelf and then go sit between his legs and read to him.  And of course, the old saying is a friend in need is a friend indeed... .Abi (intentionally) shut herself in the bathroom and then stood at the door yelling, "Doggy! Doggy help! Doggy!"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is it spring yet?!

The first weekend of February, we headed to Lincoln City on the Oregon coast with our friend Robb and his two girls. We had a wonderful time. There's is a family at our church who rent out their beach house for a very reasonable rate and it sleeps large groups easily. In fact, this trip we had four adults and five kids all under the age of 7! Lots of play room for all. We hit the Aquarium the day it drizzled and then our last day there, the sun actually started to peak through as we made the short three block trek to the beach.Abi enjoyed the sand and was curious about the water but kept her distance.   

On the home front, all is well. Steven is back to 24 hr shifts again and still at Station 7. Work is moving along for me as I get the last pieces of a full Return to Work program in place. Abi is onto her new "school" at Bright Minds. She seems to enjoy it; we were ecstatic they had an opening just as our old daycare closed as we know several families there who RAVE about it.  Life will be a bit less hectic when she can attend there any day of the week in June but for now it's only Tues/Thur so we have friends who cover the occasional Mon/Wed we need childcare.
As I write this, its is a chilly 40 degrees outside but I can't complain as I've heard of the blustery weather family is getting at home in MN. Abi and I fed the birds again today and put the slug bait in the flower beds.  The crocus, amethyst and daffodils are all up and starting to bloom! The slugs have successfully eaten off a couple lily sprouts and are giving the calla lilies their best shot. I'm so excited to see dead slug trails in the morning!