Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still 29!

The whole group in front of our ride!
Many of you know Steven turned 30 in Oct '09... And I'll be turning 30... next week! I'm not exactly a big  party person but I do love a reason to celebrate the wonderful people who fill our life as a family! So for my 30th birthday, we organized a small group of friends who embarked on a wine tour with us. Us and five other couples enjoyed an afternoon visiting Cristom Winery, Witness Tree Winery, S. Innocent Winery and Bethel Heights Vineyard.  Witness Tree seemed to be everybody's favorite and it wasn't just because they had 9 (yes 9!) wines on the tasting flight. I think it is safe to say everybody had an absolutely wonderful time!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bring on the holiday!

The Saks spent a wonderful Thanksgiving in Eugene with Granny, Papa and Auntie Stephie. Abi was well entertained by the stairs up to the bedrooms and thankfully exhausted a ton of energy there! As the holiday season seems to be getting into full swing, we're reminded how blessed we are to have so many wonderful friends, family and a baby girl (seems unfair to call her that anymore!) who's growing and learning every day. Abi communicates quite well what she wants and understands so much more. It's not uncommon for her to help empty the dishwasher and put the silverware away or help set items on the table for dinner. Her favorite is the ketchup; anything with ketchup on it will be eaten! We headed to the zoo last weekend while Steve worked with our friends Rachel and her son Shaun. Abi LOVES the animals and has started signing monkey and frog and of course the sound affects for lions, bears, monkey, etc. are quite entertaining for us. She loves Christmas lights also so we're heading back to the zoo with friends again for ZooLights! Should be fun!