Monday, August 23, 2010


Abi is developing a love of books. Tonight as she "read" there was a certain tone to her babble. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture her "meow" which sounds more like a massive lion roaring. Sitting up on the couch seems to be a treat to her as is climbing down by herself.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Favorite Picture

We went for a walk on Tuesday as a family since the weather was nice and cool and we were all home together (yay!). After our walk, Steven and Abi played on her little slide structure while I snapped pictures. She loves going down the slide even by herself. Here are a couple of the resulting shots...

Friday, August 6, 2010

See the wheels turnin'

Occurrence during bath time tonight:
Abi standing in the bathtub against the side, yelling happily. Mommy says, "Abi you have to sit down in the tub so you don't fall." Mommy takes Abi's hands and helps Abi stand upright so she can sit. Instead she stands there a solid 10 seconds smiling and waving her hands before she plops (she finds this funny because it makes a big splash). "Thank you Abi." Abi proceeds to wrinkle up her nose and lean forward (two indicators a little fit is about to be thrown) but as she starts to put her face down she realizes she's in the tub and there's water... Abi sits upright, wrinkles her nose up, bares her two teeth and yells. Mommy understands Abi did NOT want to sit down but appreciated the thinking through and decision NOT to throw a fit in the tub.

Yes, Abi throws "fits". This includes wrinkling up the face, throwing herself down and burying her face in the carpet and yelling. This occurs approximately 2-3 times/week. Our friend Josh was over for dinner on Wednesday and he found it very entertaining. We tend to laugh at it, tell Abi she's fine and move along. :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This past week I spoke at a conference @ Eagle Crest so Steven and Abigail were able to travel with me. It was a wonderful week of time spent with Shane, Jenny and family and Shaun and Rachelle. We sure wish we lived closer! In addition to relaxing, going to the splash pool (Abi continues to LOVE the water) and getting some walks in, we also took in the Museum of the High Desert (thanks Shane & Jenny). Abi continues to discover new things each day. This past week it's been climbing stairs, standing on her own, the power button on the front of the TV, bouncing while sitting on her knees and sharing food with Mommy and Daddy. Shane and Jenny's youngest daughter Katy is just 5 months older than Abi and they were hilarious to watch together! Katy is quite a bit bigger and running all over the place but the two of them would run all over Shaun & Rachelle's house while Addy chased them (all three of them giggling). When we got ready to leave Katy and Abi were giving each other kisses too. So cute! Here's a shot of Abi I got today before she took off for her slide.