Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Diego

A little over a month ago, I said to Steven, "I'm SO ready for some sun." So we rolled Mother's Day and celebrating his probation period ending this month into a long weekend to San Diego as a family. Wow: good timing! It's rained something like 55 of the last 62 days in Portland! *yuck* We had a wonderful time in the tepid Socal climate! We took in the Zoo, the USS Midway, Birch Aquarium and putzed in Carlsbad and visited a friend of Steven's. Abi is VERY mobile now (climbing, crawling and eating all that she finds) and discovering new things every day which made the trip all the more entertaining! She enjoyed the big animals at the zoo but was mostly very intrigued by the fish in the aquariums. For Mom and Dad, it was 4 days of no work agendas, no daycare drop offs and pick ups and just being together.

At 8 1/2 mo old, Abigail is into new things each day! Buster is definitely her buddy and puts up with all that she loves on him with (ear pulling, feet grabbing, taking toys, taking his food). This week, she has discovered (and investigated): standing up on the bathtub wall, Buster's dog food AND his water dish, standing up in her crib, every twig on the patio, and taking off bibs. Each day is a fun adventure. Milestones were noted too: waving good-bye (most at daycare), pointing to EVERYTHING and signing "milk".