Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our first Christmas as a Family

We spent a very wonderful Christmas in Eugene with GrannyAnnie, Papaguchi, Auntie Stephie and Great Auntie Evie. What a foggy holiday we had here! Abi was a champ at church though; slept the entire 2 hrs! As for opening gifts...she was more interested in the noise the wrapping paper made than anything as it was her nap time. :) It was a wonderful holiday spent with wonderful family!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it Christmas yet?

The Christmas cards are mailed, packages are shipped, shopping is done (well 90%)... is it Christmas yet?! After returning from MN, we hit the road running. I went back to work 3 days a week, Steven's back on shifts, getting another group of Explorers through the program enrollment, etc. After a 3.5 hr drive to Eugene (normally 2) on glare ice south of Albany, we enjoyed last weekend in Eugene at Granny and PapaGuchi's house along with Auntie Stephie. Abi's become quite an animated talker so with all the loves she got, she was quite noisy! It was wonderful to see wonderful friends through the weekend at the Nichols' Christmas party and other friends (shout out to Wendy!). Thanks to Granny and Papa for babysitting too so Steven and I could go out with friends. So, just another week and we'll head back down to Eugene to celebrate Christmas; we're excited Auntie Evie is going to be flying in from NYC this year too.

Abi's had an eventful week. She was 12 wks on Monday. Apparently she's decided that means time for firsts! We're on a streak of sleeping for 8 hours at night (yay!), she picked up a rattle and put it in her mouth (fun!) and today.... she rolled from her tummy to her back!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yes, we went to MN again! Actually, a few days of our two week trip were spent in Marshfield WI with my brother, his wife and their two girls. To recap our trip, it was absolutely wonderful. We finally had enough time to enjoy seeing everyone for more than two minutes and Abi got lots of opportunities to meet everyone. Abi did great on the flights. She slept the entire flight to MSP and only woke for the last half hour of the flight to PDX. While there, Abi had several "firsts". She noticed her own feet in the bathtub, started talking to the toy on her carseat and has started to stand up on your lap. Here are a few of the fun pictures of Abi, her two cousins Michaela and Danielle as well as Gramma and Grandpa Gold.