Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break!

Since our friends daughter was on spring break, we had agreed to enjoy a long weekend on the Oregon coast together. It was a blast! Their youngest daughter and Abi are only 5 months apart in age and starting to play well together. We had a couple of days of decent weather. One of them we thought we'd get a hike in, but because of the elevation climb, we ended up trekking 2.5 miles in a drizzle and in nearly 6" of mud in some places. That was an adventure! Jenny and I got quite the workouts pushing the littles in the strollers. Thanks heavens we both had heavy duty strollers too.
The Nichols (LtoR): Jenny, Addison, Katy & Shane

Monday, March 21, 2011


We all got to experience a really sick child this past weekend and I can confidently speak for everybody when I say we're glad it's passed! In addition to getting all four of her eye teeth over the past 1-2 weeks, Abi ended up with quite the virus this weekend. At first it appeared to be an ear infection so we had a trip to urgent care and we then learned the hard way (while at a friend's birthday party, thank heavens for a good babysitter!) that Abi does not tolerate ibuprofen well. Day 2 1/2 (Sunday) welcomed us with a high fever of 104.6, tears and crying every time she was moved and four chances to watch the Disney classic "Finding Nemo" before she was finally able to rest well that evening. Sunday evening also brought about James 5:14-16 which reminds us that those who are happy should praise God, those who are sad should pray to Him and those who are sick should ask Him to heal them.... and He will. And He did! God's powerful promises have been incredibly real to our family lately as God provides answers, healing and His guidance through life's ups and downs.

Abi had a great day home with Dad today though he got the brunt end of weening a child who'd been very sick for 48+hrs off of her beloved binky and "Ehmo" (Nemo; not to be confused with Elmo which she knows the difference between). Anything said in our household can and will be repeated or mimicked so watch your mouth. Some of the fun words lately: "ugh-no" = oatmeal, "bee-bee" = baby (not always in Mommy's tummy but usually somewhere in Mommy or in Abi's tummy) and of course "ta-toe" (taco) is a favorite. Abi continues to love on Buster nonstop as seen in Steve's snapshot from today while Abi and B watched Curious George. You can also gauge in this picture how tall she's gotten in the last month. It's well noted that nothing is safe on tables or in drawers anymore as it can all be reached and if not, she moves the kitchen stool around so it is all in reach!

And for those of you who may have not heard, we are expecting Baby Sak II this September around the 16th. We are all very excited! I've hit the 2nd trimester and am feeling much more energetic and much less nauseous than earlier. Abi brings up the "bee-bee" almost daily. She's not always sure where the bee-bee is, as late last week when we asked her she told us it was outside. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Updates ala photos

At swimming class with Daddy (Mommy swims on B Shifts)

Rare down moment snuggling with Grandpa during his visit.
Reading to her best friend Buster.