Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too funny not to share

Steven and I enjoyed an absolutely WONDERFUL date last night. We had gift certificates for pizza and mini golfing from our church auction. Shankopautumus needs to brush up of course. Bogieusmaximus kicked his butt once again with 2.. yes 2... holes in one. :) While killing time waiting for our rendezvous to purchase our nearly new Canon Rebel EOS XSi (yay! so excited to have it!), we were sitting outside Lamb's grocery store in Wilsonville. A truck far across the parking lot had a sheep or two in the back which were occassionally bah-ing which typically made most people walking into the store look but continue walking. We were both entertained when a young man stopped to make some odd yell back at the sheep though! It gets better. When leaving the grocery store, this young man proceeded to bah at the sheep (which were still on the other side of the parking lot). And it was incredibly HILARIOUS when he then got in his car... and drove over to the truck to bah at the sheep some more!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm, some people either need more medication, fewer drugs or just need to leave the city more often. LOL

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We got new furniture ordered, one of the new recliners was in, Mom was here for a long weekend visit and got some of the worst housecleaning down for me (Thanks Mom!), we got pedi's, Steven worked more and then more, and there's no new news on Baby's progress. We were told last Friday that the midwife didn't think we'd make it through the week. But we did! And there's no new news to report. So although we're progressing, our due date isn't until 9/18 so patience IS a virtue. Thank you for the thoughts, but there's nothing to report. We will let you know after Baby Sak has arrived! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Now we're ready...

So everyone's bags are actually packed, the new doors, new trim, window valance and changing table cover/base are in place. For real we're ready. :) Well, mentally we might still be getting there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two years and counting! Four weeks and counting down...

We had a nice dinner together and went furniture shopping for our anniversary today. I know I'm making an effort to enjoy every moment we have alone knowing it's coming to an end very soon.'s a belly update. As the sofa saleslady said, "A big one huh?" when asking about the baby. Yep, I'm quite aware I have a very large belly at this point. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beautiful Beach Weekend

Since car trips get really long when you have to stop every 1.5 hr or so, we opted to go to the Oregon Coast for our anniversary this year. Last year, we enjoyed Bainbridge Island for our anniversary and it was 100 degrees the day we went to the beach. This year, it was a glorious 65-70 degrees, sunny and absolutely gorgeous as well. We enjoyed a little house down by Waldport and spend most of our Saturday putzing around Newport. The Aquarium had a very interesting Oddwater exhibit. We were both pretty enthralled by the 40 lb. Japanese Spider Crabs. They were nearly 2.5' tall!! Our dinner out was not exactly a quiet, romantic dinner. Not realizing where the restaurant was on the water front, we happened to pick the restaurant right next to the old wharf docks where dozens of sea lions sun bath. For those of you who haven't had the joy: they're large, loud (make noises that sounds mostly like barks or farts), stinky, etc. Much of the dinner conversation was centered on the entertainment of a great white entering the harbor to consume the seals or if the federal protection ban on hunting the seals was lifted. :D We were also thoroughly entertained to find out that our "water dog" who will jump into any river and lake... is afraid of the ocean waves. LOL