Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We'll slow down... next year

I remember just before our wedding, Steven and I decided that "next" year we would slow down and practice doing nothing more often. And then nearly a year later, after our honeymoon, we said we'd slow down. Now, there's this frantic rush of What needs to be done before baby arrives?! Plans are in place for the vegetable gardens to go in this spring. Our friend has said he'll redo the bathroom (OMG, are we ready to demo the bathroom?!?!). And then... the nursery. Of course Steven is working nearly every OT shift he can in an effort to plan for some of my unpaid maternity leave. I'm glad he's taken some of his days off to hang with Eric and actually get out fishing. He's been working a LOT. Nonetheless, it's about enjoying the journey not the destination. We've both been doing some great reading lately. "Shifting Sands" emphasizes navigating change and how your destination will always be changing so savor the journey. I got a serious kick out of Steven just finishing up the breastfeeding chapter in our parenting book too. :) Part of the journey right!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MD appt & snoring

We had our 14 wk appointment this morning. While doing the doppler for the heart beat, there was a loud "thud" on the monitor. Jodi (our midwife) smiles and reassures us that was kick from the little one. :) Apparently it has senses already and reacts to being prodded. The heartbeat was strong and things are going well.

Steven & our friend Eric tackled some yard work as we're hoping to get the raised vegetable garden in this spring. They got the apple trees both cut down which we'll replant. The old ones were beyond saving with poor pruning and diseased fruit yield. After I made dinner this evening, the boys curled up on the floor and it was less than 5 min. before I heard snoring. I had to get within 1 ft. of them to determine who was snoring: BOTH! Is it a bond that causes them to typically snore in surround sound synchronization?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fat Pants & Prego Brain

So the mindless, forgetfulness has set in. I was really frustrated that too often my zipper was falling down even though I have this funny thing called belly band to help keep my unbuttoned pants up. Thank heavens my mom is so smart... did everyone know that pressing the zipper tab down helps lock the zipper in place?! :P That's not the worst of the prego brain but the only one I want to admit to. My friend Jaime made me feel better today when she told me about her friend who accidentally sprayed her head with Lysol in lieu of her hairspray and didn't realize it til she noticed her flat hair later that day.

I accepted it may be time for some maternity pants. My friend Jenny was happy to go shopping with me and she's always good comic relief which I was grateful for. It was kinda nice to not feel fat in the maternity pants ... then I put my pants back on and I'm amazed at how 2 lbs can morph my torso so oddly. Although we know it's a bump, its at that wonderful stage which most friends who don't know our news silently think, "Is she pregnant or is Aubrey just packing on a beer gut?" This was confirmed when I noticed a church/fire dist. friend giving me that "look" while talking to another friend of ours. Suddenly she got a huge smile on her face and waved at me... Yep, she had asked our other friend if I was pregnant so she didn't have to feel embarrassed asking in the event we weren't! HA!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


There is a sign in my office which says "Be patient. Be bold. Be greatful." Did the artist mean to misspell? I like to believe she didn't. Why not be wonderful at being thankful?! Tonight as I was chatting with the Creator while driving I had a poignant moment of greatfulness. God is so gracious, so abundantly providing... it moved me to tears. So many prayers have been answered just recently; even those which go unspoken as the Lord knows our hearts. I am thankful for the amazing people who fill our lives and who bless us by sharing their fears, worries, celebrations, struggles, excitement, etc. For in doing so, we are able to lift them in prayer and rejoice with life's progression. "Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. And God's peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus." Phillipians 4:6-7

Monday, March 9, 2009

Yep, I'm here

Greetings Friends,

I finally signed up to be an admini on the blogg....Thanks again for all the excitement and well wishes.

Take Care

Feeling fabulous!

For everyone asking how I'm feeling: in a nutshell fabulous. Little to no morning/evening sickness. Just a few headaches. Of course I can't seem to get enough sleep but I'm hoping I'll catch up after a fun but tiring weekend. Haven't gained much weight but definitely have a "bump". I woke up for the first time this weekend to a lopsided tummy; an entertaining first I'll say! With Steven working overtime and me visiting friends for the weekend, we haven't seen much of each other for awhile. I'm very excited for him to get to experience all this too! It's sure an experience going through this as first timers. Of course there are those symptoms I'm sure I (and Steven as well as my colleagues) could live without such as total lack of patience, mood swings, gas (nothing new if you know me well) and excessive use of the horn while driving (its totally legal). Oh but it's all part of the fun! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend visitors

We enjoyed a visit from Grandpa Gold, Lael and Dad this weekend. Steven was the fishing guide and they had a heck of a day Friday!!! Two keepers and shaker after shaker kept them busy. Lael and I joined them Saturday which must have been the bad luck or something. Not a bite all day; we didn't see a single boat catching fish then so we didn't feel too bad. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend with lots of cribbage and visiting.